The Top 4 Retail POS for Enhancing Your Business Management

Are you planning to install POS software in your retail store? The first step in implementing this goal is selecting a retail POS that fits well with your business operations and the functionalities you want to integrate with the system.

 Of course, it is evident that a million and one suppliers are trying to woo you to purchase selling point systems from them. In fact, if you type the word Point of Sale on any search engine, the first result will be offered from the point of sale dealers or developers. Even though the information provided can help you to find the best offers, it is a fact that it leaves you in confusion and wondering whether the systems on offer will work in your business.

An excellent retail POS is the one that has been tried, tested and rated by your fellow retailers. Here are among the top four retail points of sale recommend by retailers:

a.    Epos Now 

Epos Now is a retail management selling point designed for both small and medium retail business. If you are seeking for Point of Sale software that integrates customer management and inventory management and transaction processing, then Epos Now should be your choice. Apart from these functionalities, the software has a retail accounting with capabilities of processing orders, payrolls and generating ledgers. 

If you are in love with cloud computing, Epos is your software as it is compatible with all computing devices. You can manage your retail business from any part of the world even when on a holiday or a journey. Furthermore, this retail POS can integrate with any other system in your organization and process reports for decision making information.

b.    Lightspeed  Retail

As the word suggests, the Lightspeed retail is POS software that you can access anywhere at any time as you can access the light during daytime. The uniqueness of the software is that it is server-based with the capability of managing inventories in multi-store. As such, if you operate a business with more than one store you can centralize your inventory management. Also, Lightspeed is designed to integrate with web-based outlets. 

With it, you can easily track and manage your online stores effective while concurrently operating the brick and mortar retails. Naturally, the software helps you to maintain your inventories in in-store and online platforms. However, the software is exclusively designed for Mac abs iOS operating systems.

c.    Springboard Retail

If you have a passion for managing your sales and inventory virtually, Springboard retail is your taste. This software is a web-based retail POS developed for multi-store and multi-channel merchants. One of the advantages of this software is that you can access it through all standard browsers.

It works well with modern and traditional computing devices. As such, you do not have to spend extra cost in purchasing current devices to use this retail Point of Sale. Springboard offers you an opportunity to collect and analyze your customers’ information. This way, you can easily determine their preferences and interest and ensure your product satisfies them.

d.    SimpleConsign

SimpleConsign is POS system that fits for both single and multi-store retailers. It is also a web-based retail POS meaning you can access it at any time and anywhere so long as you have access to the internet.  The best thing about SimpleConsign is its capability to backup your data automatically. Hence, you do not have to worry about losing your information if your physical system collapses.

Apart from these benefits, once you subscribe to this software, you get free live training and consistent customer support. It becomes easier for you to use it even without prior experience of retail Point of Sale operations.